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enter Your Sanctuary of Premium Handcrafted Woolen Felted Yoga Mats.
Elevate your practice; elevate your life.

Practicing Yoga on a woolen felted mat can offer a unique and enriching experience. Here are the advantages of practicing Yoga on such a mat…
  • Unleash the power within: Wool’s energy conductive properties elevates your Yoga and Meditation experience. Wool creates a naturally comfortable surface that supports your Yoga practice
  • Joint support: The natural cushioning properties of wool provide excellent support for your joints, reducing discomfort during poses and transitions.
  • Wool fibers are naturally ionized: Creating a harmonious energy environment for your practice. Negative ions in wool can help balance the body’s energy, promoting a sense of well being and vitality.
  • Reduce stress, enhance focus: Wool absorbs radiation across the UV spectrum, providing natural UV protection and minimized EMF exposure to the body leads to reduced stress levels, fostering a relaxed and focused Yoga practice.
  • Promoting mindfulness: Let the softness of wool soothe your emotions in your practice. Air purifier: Wool absorbs and neutralizes indoor pollutants, enhancing air quality.
  • Harmonious chi flow: Unlike synthetics, wool preserves the body’s electrical field, ensuring a balanced practice environment.
  • Hypoallergenic: Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to synthetic materials.
  • Eco friendly: Opting for a wool Yoga mat, crafted from renewable and biodegradable material, not only elevates the sustainability and Eco consciousness of your Yoga practice but also stands as one of the most compelling reasons. By choosing wool, you are actively contributing to a solution, sparing both your body and the planet from the growing issue of micro plastic pollution.
  • Personalization beyond compare: Craft a mat as unique as you choose from a spectrum of coluors and leather trimmings. Laser-etch your name, initials, mantra, family crest or chosen symbols.
  • Temperature regulation: Wool’s inherent ability to regulate temperature ensures that your mat remains comfortable in both hot and cold conditions, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Nature’s Palette

Delve into the rich tapestry of Bosnian heritage, hand felted into every fibre of our premium Yoga Mat.

Each meticulous strand of wool is a tribute to centuries of devotion to the wool sector. Ensuring an experience of excellence. This is more than just a mat; it is a renaissance of tradition, a testament to the premium handcrafted quality.

We invite you to uncover the soulful beauty behind this Bosnia and Herzegovina masterpiece.


Vivid Expressions

Discover the world of our coloured mats and immerse yourself in a world of pastel and cheerful hues in our Yoga Mat.

Colours, each with its unique frequency, have a profound impact on your electric and energetic body. Here, they are not merely applied but come alive within the wool, creating a symphony of well being for your practice.
Imagine how this unique fusion of living wool and these cheerful shades can elevate your Yoga practice.

Explore the harmonious connection between colour and your inner energy.

Your Personal Mat

Step into the realm of artistry, where your Yoga tale unfolds.

Within our ‘Your Personal Mat and Belt’ collection, the spotlight shines on your imagination. Choose the mat size and colours that resonate deeply with your spirit. Allow your mat and belt to become the canvas that reflects your essence and journey.

Here, colours gracefully dance in harmony, while leather delicately trims your aspirations.

Personalise it further by engraving your name, a short mantra, a cherished symbol or a coat of arms onto the leather trim of your Yoga Mat.

Your mat and belt, an embodiment of your spirit, a testament to your journey, a piece of your heart. Embark on the creation of your mat.

Carrier Belts and Accessories

Accessorise your Yoga Journey

Introducing our handcrafted Yoga Mat carrier belts, a luxurious blend of style and functionality. These stable companions come in three exquisite colours, offering style and practicality for your Yoga journey.

Elevate your practice with elegance and ease.

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