Crafted with Love and Devotion:
The Artistry Behind Our Mats


Our mats are born from the wool of privately owned small flocks. They are nurtured and cherished with nature’s bounty. Hand shorn with scissors, each sheep is a part of a cherished story.

The making of a mat is a testament to time and patience. It takes several days of meticulous work, but it is a journey that resonates with the universal life force. The felting process, which takes more than a day, is not just a task; it is a meditation, a labor of love that weaves the energy of mindfulness into every fibre.

The hours spent in crafting these mats are a symphony of pleasantness and relaxation. They are a tribute to the soothing rhythm of creation, where the pace of life slows and the soul finds solace in the art of making. Each mat is not merely a product; it is a profound manifestation of intention, a mirror reflecting the meticulous care and mindfulness woven into every felted fibre.

When you practice on our mats, you’re not just on a piece of wool; you’re on a journey, a connection to the universal life force and a tapestry of love and dedication. Embrace the essence of life within every fibre of your practice and elevate your yoga journey with our handcrafted mats.


Traditional Colouring:
Where Colours Weave Frequencies of Healing


At the heart of our creative process lies a journey that taps into the essence of life. As the founder and driving force of the Lisovo brand, my name is Nadja Gydat and I have immersed myself in the art of mat colouring.

Understanding the harmony between nature’s elements and our mats’ vibrancy, I’ve embraced a time tested method fire heated water. This ancient alchemy takes patience, up to four hours to gently warm the water, all while it’s being energised by a powerful orgon radiator.

Each day carries its unique qualities, and I select colour pigments accordingly.

With unwavering focus, I blend the pigments, infusing them with the essence of water’s spirit. Then, the mat takes its dip a meticulous process that demands time and concentration, a labor of love.

Our mats, infused with life’s essence, hang out to embrace the winds for a day or two. Nature herself blesses our creations with her touch. Finally, we stitch the leather frame onto the mat, completing a journey that encapsulates the universal wishes we all hold dear.

In every hue, every breeze, and every stitch, we invite you to experience the beauty, intention and love woven into each mat, a testament to the eternal connection between nature and the human spirit.