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Does Yoga on the Lisovo Mat cause "pilling" or little balls of fluff?

The possibility of "pilling" largely depends on the fabric you are wearing. Natural materials like wool, silk and cotton are ideal as they are less likely to cause fuzz. If you wear synthetic fibres you may experience some wool lint coming off.

What are the best materials to wear on the Lisovo Mat for optimal energy conduction and frequency enhancement?

The best materials that act as energy conductors and enhance frequencies while practicing on the Lisovo Mat are cotton and silk. These natural fabrics harmonise beautifully with the mat's inherent qualities. However, it is advisable to avoid wearing linen during your practice. Although linen is a wonderful material on its own, its unique energy characteristics can neutralise when in contact with wool, diminishing its conductive properties.

If I put a cotton or silk sheet on my mat while practicing, will I still enjoy the benefits of the wool, colour and all?

Indeed, you will. The wool fibres not only emanate and conduct through the mat but also permeate the fabric between your body and the mat. This connection covers your holistic, invisible bodies and aligns with your energetic flow within. So, you can still experience the full benefits even with a cotton or silk sheet on your Lisovo Mat.

Can I use the Lisovo Mat outside in nature?

Absolutely! We encourage practicing Yoga amidst the beauty of nature as it enhances the experience. However, to preserve the fabric, it is a good idea to place a cloth or foil under the mat.

Does the mat absorb the smell of sweat?

In fact, wool fibres can neutralise sweat and other odours. Simply airing out the mat after use should suffice.

How do I care for my Lisovo Mat

Your Lisovo Mat comes with natural dirt and water repellency, thanks to the inherent lanolin (wool grease) layer. To maintain its pristine condition, consider these care tips:

Regular airing: periodically give your mat some fresh air. This helps in keeping it clean and fresh.

Handling grease stains: in case of grease stains, you can effectively treat them with absorbent powder or starch. These materials help absorb the grease, making it easier to remove.

Snow cleanse: on a crisp, clear day with temperatures at or below -4 Celsius, take advantage of fresh powder snow. Leave your mat outdoors for a few hours until it freezes. Then, lay it gently on the snow's surface and lightly tap the exposed side with a broom. This process can help rejuvenate your mat.

Air drying: after any cleaning or snow cleanse, let your mat air dry. It is best to do this outdoors, where the wind can help in the drying process.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your Lisovo Mat remains in excellent condition and ready for your Yoga and meditation.

Doesn't the mat smell like sheep?

No, the wool used in our mats is thoroughly washed and they have passed rigorous smell tests. You can enjoy your practice without any lingering sheep-like scents.

Can I wash or dry clean the Lisovo leather trimmed mats?

It is not recommended to wash the leather trimmed Lisovo Mats. Instead, clean them through airing, snow cleansing, or take them to a specialised dry cleaner.

Do you have a repair service?

Yes, we do offer a repair service, depending on the issue. Please send us a picture or video to [email protected], and we will assess if we can assist. Our repair service is provided free of charge, but you are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Can I brush my mat with a plastic brush?

No! We recommend using the Lisovo wool brush, which has been specially manufactured for our mats. This brush is made from natural bristles and is 100% ecological and sustainable. It's designed to help you maintain your mat with care and preserve its quality.